IoT for Juniors – Innovative STEM Kit


IoT for Juniors – Innovative STEM Kit

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  • This IoT for Juniors – Innovative STEM Kit consists of all kinds of important sensors, actuators, controllers etc.. using which students can work on 20+ projects, even after the program.
  • 2 Demo classes free
  • Once you purchased the kit you will get access to guide and videos for all the projects.
  • The kit is free for the students joining IoT for Juniors Live Course.

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  • This IoT for Juniors - Innovative STEM Kit consists of all kinds of important sensors, actuators, controllers etc.. using which students can work on 20+ projects, even after the program.
  • 2 demo classes free
  • Once you purchased the kit you will get access to guide and videos for all the projects.
  • This kit is free for the students joining IoT for Juniors Live Course.
  • In this kit you will get the following components.



Arduino Uno The Arduino Uno R3 is an ATmega328P micro-controller-based development board. This is widely popular in Embedded electronics because of the available resources and easy to use by everybody features. With 14 digital input/output pins where 6 can be configured and used as PWM outputs, 6 as analog inputs is a great addition for I/O related operations. Powered with a 16 MHz ceramic resonator, an USB connection, a power jack, an ICSP header, and a reset button.
ESP32 The ESP32S is a Wi-Fi Development Board with in-built Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) that is commonly used in IoT applications. The Board is based on the ESP WROOM32 Module from Espressif Systems. The compact Module can work on 3.3V and consumes low power making it suitable for portable battery powered applications.
Potentiometer the variable resistor value varies from 0 ohm to 10K ohm
5v Relay 4 Channel Relays are most commonly used switching devices used in electronics. It can be used to switch high current loads easily unlike transistors which are limited by the maximum current that can flow through them and also can’t switch AC loads. This 5V/3.3V Four Channel 10A Relay Module can switch both AC and DC loads. It is an Electromagnetic switch, when the coil inside is energized with a small current, it can switch ON or OFF the high current circuit.
DHT11 DHT11 is a popular temperature and humidity based digital sensor. There is an upgraded version of the DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor available, which is DHT22 Sensor with higher sensing ranges.
LDR This is a LDR sensor with Two Cadmium Sulphide (cds) Photo-conductive Cells and spectral responses similar to that of the human eye. The Cell resistance falls with increasing light intensity. This photo-resistor has application such as smoke detection, Automatic lighting control, batch counting and burglar alarm systems.
BMP280 The BMP280 is a high precision pressure sensor module from Bosch. The sensor can measure both atmospheric pressure and temperature with an accuracy of 0.1hPa and 0.1*C respectively. It is commonly used in barometer or altimeter. It operates on 3.3V and can communicate through both SPI and IIC.
Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Sensor The Ultrasonic Sensor uses Ultrasonic waves to determine the distance of an object like Bats, hence it can be used as a distance measuring sensor. There are two Ultrasonic Transducers present in which one acts as a Transmitter which transmits a high frequency Ultrasonic signal and other acts as a receiver which will wait for the receiving of echo signal which gets reflected by any object in its path. The time between the two signals when divider by speed of sound gives us the distance of the object. Theoretically the sensor claims to have a measuring distance of 2cm to 400cm. However, a range up to 75-80cm can be easily achieved practically.
Soil Moisture Sensor The soil moisture sensor is commonly used in smart agriculture or other garden automation projects to measure the moisture content present in the soil. It consists of 4 pins in which two pins, Vcc and Gnd are connected to supply voltage. The remaining two pins are digital (D0) and analog (A0) are the output pins. When the moisture content present in the soil goes beyond the threshold level, the output of the digital pin (D0) will go low (the output of the digital pin is either logic 0 or 1). The threshold value of the sensor module can be set by varying the onboard potentiometer.
IR Flame sensor Module This flame sensor or fire sensor module works on the concept that when a flame or fire is burning it emits IR signals. This IR signal is then received by the IR receiver on the fire sensor module to detect the flame or fire.
16x2 LCD The 16x2 Alphanumeric LCD Display Module is equally popular among hobbyists and professionals for its affordable price and easy to use nature. As the name suggests the 16x2 Alphanumeric LCD can show 16 Columns and 2 Rows therefore a total of (16x2) 32 characters can be displayed. Each character can either be an alphabet or number or even a custom character. This particular LCD gas a green back-light, you can also get a Blue Back-light LCD to make your projects stand our and visually appealing, apart from the back-light color both the LCD have the same specifications hence they can share the same circuit and code.
I2C coverter Commercially available LCD display modules like 16x2 LCD display and 20x4 LCD display are great to be used with a microcontroller like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC, etc. to display the data but a standard 16x2 LCD even when operating at 4-bit mode takes about 8 GPIO pins from the micro-controller to display information on it and in the projects where GPIO pins are at a premium, it is a lot. That is why we need a serial to parallel data adapter so that we can reduce the number of pins needed to drive the LCD display modules. This LCD I2C adapter module is designed to fit directly below the standard 16x2 LCD display.
RGB LED The 4 leg RGB LED is an ideal component that can be used in projects that require multicolor displays. A single RGB LED serves the purpose of three individual different colour LEDs. The RGB name stands for Red colour, Blue colour, and Green colour respectively. To produce more colours, the RGB LED can colour mix the three primary colours (RGB) through Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).
Buzzer The Piezoelectric Buzzer is a small and efficient component to add to your system or project if you want to produce any sound feedback or sound an alarm. Its two-pin compact structure allows it to be easily used with a breadboard, perf-board, or even PCBs
5v Adapter To power any Development board or any digital circuit the most common voltage level you need is 5V. Arduino, PIC, AVR most of the TTL sensors etc work on this voltage that is why you need to have a reliable power supply to ensure their proper functioning
Vibration Motors This is a small sized and Shaft-less Vibration Motor for non-audible vibration applications. It can be integrated with many applications as it comes in small size and in the shape of a circular disc and all moving parts are protected inside the housing disc. They vibrate because they have eccentric weight rotating inside the case which makes the whole motor vibrate when powered
DC Pump This DC operated mini submersible water pump is ideal for small vending machines and other applications, in which a small amount of water has to be pumped. The operating voltage for this DC pump is between 3 to 12V and can be easily controlled with development boards like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP, and other micro-controllers, so also frequently used in DIY electronics projects and hobby projects. The pumping height for this mini DC water pump is between 40 to 110 cm.
AC Bulb Setup -
Resistors 220ohms, 1K ohms carbon coated resistors
Bread Board -
Jumper Wires M-M,M-F jumper wires
Servo Motor Servo motors are essential due to high force generations. The MG90S is a metal gear servo motor commonly used in RC applications like RC cars, RC boats, RC helicopters, Airplane etc. It is easy to use and very simple to fit in the enclosure due to square body shape. It has a stall torque of 1.8kg/cm when operating on 4.8V and about 2.2kg/cm when operating on 6V


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