The Most Common Questions


What types of learning options does SkillAnything offer?
What do SkillAnything self-paced courses include?
How are SkillAnything courses different from other platforms?
What technology-based programs are currently available on SkillAnything?
What streams & areas are covered under training programs by SkillAnything platform?
Do I receive anything after I complete a course?
How can I take a preview of any course ?
How can I pay for a course? Are there any installment opportunities?
What if I don't like course I purchased?
Is there any one-to-one session in our course?
Is there lifetime access to our course?
Are the projects included as part of training programs real projects?
Is there any refund policy (If I enrolled for the wrong course)?
Is there any discount or scholarship for the courses & internship programs?
How many hours of live classes are involved in our course?
Is this course a 100% internship course?
Do we have any opportunities to get paid internships?
What if I miss a lecture?
What is the role of the mentor?
How many mentors are allotted?
Do free courses offer lifetime access?
What if I used any coupon to purchase the course? Will the course access still follow the full term?
What happens if the instructor removes the course from SkillAnything?
Do I have to start my SkillAnything course at a certain time? And how long do I have to complete it?
How to download your certificate of completion?
Can I change the formatting of my certificate of completion? Or add an image?
Is SkillAnything free or paid?
Do free courses offer certificates of completion?
Do I need to complete the lectures in order to get the certificate of completion?
Can I provide feedback on the course?
How many certificates do I Earn from skillAnything ?
What can I do with my earned certificates once I earn them?
How does SkillAnything Impact my motivation to learn?
Where can I go for help?
Does SkillAnyting provide any placement program courses?
When are the live classes held?
I finished my course but I still can’t access my certificate of completion. How come?
Is there any interaction platform for the students who enroll for the same course for clearing doubts?
What is the role of the trainer?
Are there any deadlines or due dates for assignments or exams?
How do I submit my assignments or assessments(quizzes) ?
How will my progress be evaluated and graded?
Can I access the course materials and lessons offline?
When do we have to pay for the live courses and how?
Can I see the details of an instructor going to conduct my course?
How the live courses will be conducted?
Do you help in job placements?


Do I have to pay any fees to become an instructor?
How much will I get paid as a trainer on SkillAnything?
When will I get paid for the training I am delivering?
Is there any option of installment of payments for the instructors?
I love teaching and want to become an instructor on SkillAnything. What is the process for the same?
What is the eligibility to become an instructor?
If I fall sick in the middle of a training program, what will happen?
If I don’t want to continue as an instructor on SkillAnything, what is the process of exit?
What are the technical requirements for participating in online classes?
Is there a specific teaching methodology or approach that instructors are expected to follow?
How can instructors access technical support or assistance if they encounter any issues during their teaching?
How are instructors evaluated in terms of their teaching performance and effectiveness?
Can instructors customize or personalize their courses to some extent?
How often are instructors expected to provide feedback and respond to student queries?
What communication channels are available for instructors to interact with students?


What products or services are offered by SkillAnything to corporate?
Can you customize the course content according to our needs?
Do you support us after the training is completed?
Is there any minimum number of people required for a batch for the corporate training?
Training will be conducted on weekends or weekdays?
Is there any offline option for corporate training?

Educational Institutes

What type of training are offered by SkillAnything for education institutes?
Is there any age limit for attending the courses and training programs?
Are you providing training for school or college students?
Do you do any collaboration with educational institutes for conducting, training, workshops, seminars, lectures and internship as part of their integrated learning programs?
Is your platform providing internship opportunities for college graduates?
Are there any options for live sessions on weekends for the students and graduates?
Is there any option of mock interviews, mentorship and career guidance sessions in your curriculum for undergraduate students?
Is there any option of providing offline training to students in schools?

Membership Plans

Do you have a free trial?
Can I download the course for offline viewing?
How many premium plans are available for learners?
What are the benefits of taking a membership plan?
Will I save money by taking a SkillAnything membership?
I have purchased a self-paced course. How many times can I watch the courses?
How can I delete my personal data?
How do I reset my password?
How do I change my email address?
If I want to change my user’s name, how do I change that on the platform?
How to sign up and login with a mobile in a SkillAnything account?

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