IoT, Robotics & Automation

IoT, Robotics & Automation online

IoT, Robotics & Automation

Learn futuristic technologies and stay ahead

Arjunagi Rehman
Rehman Arjunagi


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About The Program


    This Class Covers Courses of IoT, Robotics & Automation

    Internet of Things (IoT) – Beginner to Expert70 Lessons7 Assignments


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    • This is Brishti Parashar here. The course ( IoT, Robotics & Automation, especially IoT for Juniors) is actually a very helpful and engaging initiative for the present era as it is very necessary for the younger generation to have a hold over technology that can benefit the present and the future. The teacher, Rehman Arjunagi, is indeed the suitable person to take up teaching the course for he makes IoT ( a subject which is complex, especially for the young usually) friendly and easily understandable to the students. As people say more often, ‘The first impression is the best impression’, this course exhibited the same during it’s very first class – An Introduction to IoT and Course Overview.

      Hoping for more exciting courses in the future….

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