IoT for Juniors

IoT for Juniors

IoT for Juniors

We are thrilled to introduce the IoT Junior Summer Camp, a dynamic program tailored specifically for juniors eager to delve into the world of Internet of Things (IoT). The summer camp spans a duration of 3 weeks, during which participants will embark on an immersive learning journey.

Throughout the camp, students will engage in 4 classes per week, with each class lasting for 1 hour. These live classes will be conducted by experienced instructors who will guide participants through various IoT concepts and projects. The classes will be interactive and engaging, providing ample opportunity for students to ask questions and collaborate with their peers.

Understanding the importance of hands-on experience, the summer camp also offers optional hands-on sessions. These sessions will provide additional support and guidance to students who require extra assistance in understanding and implementing the IoT concepts covered in the classes. Our instructors and mentors will be available during these sessions to provide one-on-one guidance and ensure that every student grasps the material effectively.

Furthermore, each student enrolled in the summer camp will be provided with an IoT Junior Kit worth 3000rs. This comprehensive kit includes all the necessary hardware components and sensors required to complete the course projects. The kit allows students to have a hands-on experience in building IoT devices, further enhancing their understanding of IoT technology.

Upon successful completion of the summer camp, participants will receive two weeks of additional support. During this period, students can reach out to the course instructors or mentors for any queries or assistance related to the course material or projects. This after-camp support aims to ensure that students have a smooth transition and can apply their newfound knowledge confidently.

Furthermore, even after the summer camp concludes, students will retain access to the complete course content on their personalized dashboard for an extended period of 6 months. This allows students to revisit the material, review class recordings, and access supplementary resources, facilitating continuous learning and exploration beyond the camp.

The IoT Junior Summer Camp promises a holistic learning experience, combining live classes, hands-on sessions, comprehensive course content, and dedicated support. Whether students are new to IoT or already have some prior knowledge, this summer camp is designed to nurture their curiosity, foster their understanding, and equip them with valuable skills for the future. Join us for an exciting adventure into the realm of IoT, where we will learn, create, and innovate together!

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  1. IoT for Juniors - Introduction to IoT

    IoT stands for the "Internet of Things," and it refers to a network of physical objects or devices that are connected to the internet and can communicate with each other.
  2. IoT for Juniors - Connecting the "Things" to internet

    To connect a thing to the internet, you need to give it the ability to communicate with other devices or systems on the internet. This is usually done by adding a small computer called a microcontroller or a microprocessor to the thing.
  3. IoT for Juniors - Introduction to Arduino Uno Board

    Arduino is a popular platform for creating and programming electronics projects. It is a small computer that can be used to control lights, motors, sensors, and other electronic components.
  4. IoT for Juniors - Introduction to Sensors & Actuators

    Sensors are devices that detect and respond to some kind of input from the environment. This input could be light, sound, temperature, pressure, motion, or any number of other things.
  5. IoT for Juniors - Project 1: Making smart light

    Here we are making the smart light system that can sense the amount of light in and turn off and turn the light accordingly.
  6. IoT for Juniors - Project 2: Making fire alarm system

    In this project we will measure the temperature of the surrounding area. If the temperature is above 50 degrees Celsius that means there is a fire hence, we will ring the alarm.
  7. IoT for Juniors - Introduction to DHT11 sensors & LCD display

    The DHT11 humidity and temperature sensor makes it really easy to add humidity and temperature data to your DIY electronics projects.
  8. IoT for Juniors - Project 5: Controlling AC appliances with Arduino Uno

    5v Relay: A 5V relay module is an electronic component that can help you control high voltage circuits with a low voltage signal, such as an Arduino.
  9. IoT for Juniors - Project 7: Making smart dustbin

    A servo motor is an electronic device that is used to control the movement of an object or a mechanism with great precision.
  10. IoT for Juniors - Project 8: Controlling LED from a web-page

    Here we are making the project where the esp8266 will give a webpage on IP address and from that page we can control the LED which is connected to pin13(D7) of nodeMcu.
  11. What is the IoT cloud? It's a cloud platform that is designed to store and process data from internet-connected devices. This means that devices like smart thermostats, security cameras, and even wearable fitness trackers can all send data to the IoT cloud, where it can be analyzed and used to make decisions or trigger actions.
  12. IoT for Juniors - Project 9: Remote monitoring the environment using mobile app

    We will be sending the temperature data to the Arduino IoT cloud so that you can access it from anywhere in the world Martials needed.

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